What are football games?

Football is a game which evolved from soccer and rugby, and went on to become (at least in the US) more popular than either of its parent sports. Various forms of the game were played among the Ivy League colleges using a round ball, before a player from Yale named Walter Camp decided that the game should be played with 11 players on each side, and that the rugby-style scrum should be replaced by the ‘snap’.Over the years, football fans have been able to enjoy the sport from the comfort of their armchairs, courtesy of a succession of games simulating the sport. Probably the first game to accurately represent football was the aptly-named Football for the Atari 2600 and the arcade. In this rudimentary game, players were represented by Xs and Os, meaning you had to use your imagination!By far the biggest video-game franchise to represent football is the long-running Madden series. The Madden game, whose front cover featured ex-coach John Madden himself, came out in the late 1980s. The development was nightmarish, as Madden insisted on the game featuring 11 players per side rather than the seven the creators had originally planned. The hardware of the time struggled to display so many players, and it took several years for the game to be released.The first version of the game was very basic, with the SNES version a notable improvement over the original. Madden NFL 97 for the Playstation saw the game make the switch to a 3D graphics engine, and the series has been steadily growing ever since, with new entries arriving every year to coincide with the new football season.Today, you can play our football games on any device, thanks to HTML5 technology. As long as you have a browser that’s connected to the internet, you can play all of the games listed here, without worrying about downloads or installations.

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